Consent | It starts with a conversation

Graphic with the words: consent it starts with a conversation in black

Today’s post focuses heavily on consent. Please consider this a content warning. Consent is crucial, but it’s all too often a topic forgotten, ignored or overlooked in a sexual setting. The very essence of successful romance, relationships and sexual activity is inextricably linked to consent, yet it’s not common discourse in reality. The general consensus […]

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More Than a Taboo | The Rich history of BDSM

Originally coined by Kinsey Institute collaborator, Paul Gebhard in his essay Fetishism and Sadomasochism in 1969, BDSM has become a recognised practice in our collective sexual culture. However, BDSM has been recorded many times throughout the annals of history, leading all the way back to the very first civilisation. In today’s deep dive, that’s where […]

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