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You know those movies that begin with the image of a pair of women’s feet, strutting through a busy city scape? As the camera pans upwards, you get a glimpse of a perfectly styled outfit just thrown on, a designer handbag, coffee, perfectly coiffed hair… It’s our effortlessly glamorous protagonist, strutting into her office in impossibly high heels, ready to slide into her desk chair, breathing in the scent of her constantly alive orchid as she does so, sighing in a self-satisfied, raring to go manner. The camera loves her, we love her – she’s just like us, but famous and dripping in Prada! You know, those movies?

That’s the goal.

Except the shoes, but definitely the orchid.

Now I’m in my 30s, I refuse to settle for anything less… Why, you ask? Oh, go on then:

I am Kate Hudson through the eyes of Matthew McConaughey.

I am Beyonce, carrying on with the performance even though Michelle has stacked it down the stairs.

I am Norah Ephron when she first saw the 3D rendition of New York as a metaphor for email in the You’ve Got Mail opening credits. 

I am Meryl god damn Streep, scooping homemade lavender ice cream out of a tub with her finger while flirting with Steve Martin as they sit at her impossibly large kitchen island.

Truth be told, I am genuinely done settling for companies that don’t understand the importance of excellent content, the importance of cracking marketing and the importance of me being on their team.

I don’t want to be mediocre.

I don’t want to be sitting in board meetings, arguing the importance of a content strategy only to be ignored and called a ‘fucking moron’ by CEOs.

I don’t want to be sat on Zoom calls with people who haven’t a clue what they’re doing, and pointing the finger of blame at me.

I don’t want to be sat in pointless meetings with CMOs and heads of departments picking up on social trends that happened too long ago and asking ‘should we do this?’

I don’t want to feign interest over a tedious brief that sees me emailing the same database over and over again and then having to pretend to be confused that there’s no leads come in off bad content and half-arsed design.

I want to take over the world. Make an impact. Do something bigger and better than I’ve done before.

If you do too, let’s talk about making that happen, rather than looking at work I’ve done for companies you aren’t interested in.

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