About me

The ramblings of an over-sharer:

I’m Vicki. 30-boink year old human woman of planet earth. I have penchant for wine, olives (clearly) and – as ever – the dramatics. My heroes are, in order, Fran Lebowitz, Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep. I enjoy very old films, reading, writing and laughing until my sides hurt. 

I’m a marketing generalist, content specialist and strategy enthusiast. I recently scored 777 in the Product Marketing Alliance’s IQ test, which apparently makes me a genius, and so you can add that to the list of words I’d like you to use to describe me.

My biggest accomplishment in life, love, and my career so far, has to be the time I accidentally accosted Peter Beardsley with hugs and kisses because I thought he was a member of my family. I also did something similar to Rafa Benitez, and an old lady I thought might be my grandma. She wasn’t.

I also once made eye contact with Fran Lebowitz and convinced myself that if we met, we’d fall in love and start a life together in New York that involved zero mobile phones and a lot of dinners with Martin Scorsese.


I studied English Literature and Film at uni – achieved a First through no fault of my own – because my hobbies have always been books and films. Since then, I’ve acquired a over a decade of professional content writing and creation, copywriting, PR, branding, comms and marketing experience, gained largely in the tech, SaaS and digital sectors.

I’ve worked with software start ups and scale ups, some of the fastest growing companies in Europe, government bodies and ecommerce companies too. I even had a stint working with the company behind everyone’s guilty pleasure: house stalking and talking about it on Twitter/X for a while too.

In my spare time, I run (awful) do yoga (even worse) and have recently started throwing heavy things around – all in aid of becoming a better human. Gross. I regularly partake in ‘disco kitchen’ (which is my obnoxious way of saying I’m a great cook and have excellent taste in music) and spend a lot of time writing about the patriarchy, sex, equality, fashion, beauty and fragile/toxic masculinity. If that wasn’t already clear.

I’m always looking for new opportunities to collaborate and generally trade my skills for money (said in the least call girl way one can say that sentence). So feel free to give me a shout if you’re looking for an excellent marketer and/or writer with moxie and other words from the 1950s: