You’re on your own kid. Well, if you’re a boy, anyway.

Growing up, I – we – had The Spice Girls. I was completely enamoured by ‘girl power’ all the way back in 1996. I dressed up with my friends, had my favourite (Baby, but I was always made to be Victoria because of my hair and my name. She is my favourite now, however). I performed and danced with my sister, friends and cousins – I collected absolutely everything – and sang my little heart out. It was glorious. 

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And Just Like That… Historic accusations of sexual assault, violence, harassment and abuse have been brought against Chris Noth, by multiple women.

Image of Chris Noth from And Just Like That, holding a cigar and looking out of a window at the sunset

The first accusations brought against Chris Noth was in 1995, by a former partner. This was before he reached peak fame, and was able to take advantage of the heartthrob status bestowed on him by Sex and the City to rape a woman around 20 years his junior. 1995 was 20 years before he was […]

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Influencers have long been our scapegoat and now they’re to blame for poor body image

Danae Mercer highglighting the reality behind some instagram selfies

Legislators in Norway have passed a new law requiring social media influencers to disclose when they’ve retouched or added a filter to their content. According to the proposal, in Norway, 70,000 children and young people have mental health issues requiring treatment. Over half of 15 year old girls in the country have mental health issues, […]

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Consent | It starts with a conversation

Graphic with the words: consent it starts with a conversation in black

Today’s post focuses heavily on consent. Please consider this a content warning. Consent is crucial, but it’s all too often a topic forgotten, ignored or overlooked in a sexual setting. The very essence of successful romance, relationships and sexual activity is inextricably linked to consent, yet it’s not common discourse in reality. The general consensus […]

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The public dismantling of women in the media isn’t new, but it’s now Martha Hancock’s turn.

The scorned wife, the femme fatale and the public dismantling of women. It’s a misogynistic and woefully predictable ploy used by the tabloid press to sell papers and generate clicks, and this week, Martha Hancock is in the firing line. As a reminder for anyone who may need it, accomplished osteopath and mother of three, […]

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